Hello! I'm Raymond Kenneth Kasilag, a medical doctor and programmer. This is where I talk about programming as my hobby.


  • Sun/Oracle F40/F80 to LSI/Seagate Warpdrive Conversion
    Converting the inexpensive Sun/Oracle F40/F80 IT-mode SSD to the equivalent LSI/Seagate Warpdrive IR-mode SSD. For fun.
  • OpenWrt for the Linksys EA9500 (swconfig)
    Maintaining current OpenWrt builds for the Linksys EA9500 to turn it into a competent embedded Linux device. Uses the swconfig driver for networking configuration.
  • kernel-plus for MeeGo Harmattan
    An open-source, feature-packed and high-performance replacement for the Nokia N9 and N950's operating system kernel.
  • Glacier UI
    Designed in cooperation with the Nemo Mobile team, Glacier serves as the visual language for a new generation of open-source mobile operating systems.